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Live Like the Stars at Villa Delle Stelle

by Marian Jane Sanders

or a short stay in Los Angeles, we wanted a quiet place in or near Hollywood. We also wanted a place with some character, not exorbitantly priced, and pet-friendly. Amazingly, we found all that, and more, at the Villa Delle Stelle (“House of the Stars”).

Tucked away just off the busy Sunset Strip, Ville Delle Stelle is a luxurious 6-suite historic mansion owned by Brogan Lane, a former wife of the late Dudley Moore.

[Lane] has created a gem that
sparkles with old Hollywood
glamour and romance.

“I’m the house-whisperer,” says the ebullient Lane. “Houses talk to me. When I first walked into this house, it said ‘Buy me.’ It even told me ‘Write that check now!’”

Lane has been a designer to the stars, including Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, for the past decade. At Villa Delle Stelle, she has created a gem that sparkles with old Hollywood glamour and romance.

Each suite at the Villa has been designed with a Hollywood legend in mind. The elegant Parisian Suite, where we stayed, was inspired by Grace Kelly. This 1,000-square-foot space featured high ceilings, decorative molding, crystal chandeliers, The suite’s two bedrooms were placed at either end—ensuring maximum privacy for guests — and separated by a full kitchen, charming bathroom, and formal dining area.

The master bedroom was a vast expanse of creams and golds. An ornate gilt headboard topped the king-sized bed; a silk duvet lay at the foot of the bed. Yards of silk drapes covered the French doors, cascading to the floor like graceful
ball gowns. A potted palm in the corner, a mirror- topped nightstand, and a faux fireplace with a few antique tiles completed the look of a sumptuous 19th century Parisian boudoir.

The second bedroom leaned more toward country French than urban chic. A small wood chandelier, its bulbs covered by tiny individual lamp shades, matched the wall sconces, and a wood armoire added to the cozy ambience of the room. Beautiful silk throw pillows in delicate floral patterns, some fringed with beads, made this room a perfect little retreat. The other rooms also showed impeccable attention to detail. The bathroom, for example, boasted hand-painted wallpaper with a vaguely romantic country scene and an antique vanity stand that seemed straight out of a novel by Colette.

The formal dining room featured a stained glass window and, off to the side, a tiny balcony. We used this room only in passing through to other rooms, but it would be a perfect setting for an intimate dinner “at home” for two, or for entertaining a small group in style.

The large kitchen proved convenient for leisurely breakfasts before heading out to explore the many wonders of Los Angeles: the Getty Museum, Venice Beach, a tour of the stars’ homes…

But what we’ll remember most is the comfort and splendor of our serene oasis, the Villa Delle Stelle. We loved it — and so did our little dog, Savvy, who
managed to behave himself the whole time: no drooling, no chewing, and no other bad dog tricks too unsuitable to mention. Smart dog — he knows a good place when he finds it.

Villa Delle Stelle: 323/876-8100;      www.villadellestelle.com.

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Savvy Enjoys the Good Life
at Villa Delle Stelle

Marian Jane Sanders photo

The Elegant Parisian Suite was Inspired by Grace Kelly

Marian Jane Sanders photo