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On The Island Of Anguilla

by Barbara Bagnell

icture the two of you, seated in white wicker chairs in a gazebo overlooking the turquoise depths of an Olympic-size swimming pool, the warm Caribbean evening enveloping you. We found this delight on the tiny, 35-square mile island of Anguilla recently. We flew to neighboring St. Martin, took the local ferry boat to Anguilla and to the aptly named resort, Paradise Cove.

Don’t expect a lot of nightlife on
Anguilla—just moonlight,
wonderful seafood and romance.

But for a night out we sampled restaurants that could hold their own in New York or Toronto. One was Jacala in Mead’s Bay, run by two French chefs who have been on the island since the 1980’s. Another was Veya, run by a couple who arrived on the island from Philadelphia, bringing their three children with them to attend island schools.

Anguillians drive on the left, British style, and the roads are velvety black at night, so we found driver-guide Wilmoth Hodge, whose slogan is “Where there’s Wil there’s a way,” and he efficiently delivered us to our day and evening outings. Especially enjoyable was “Sunday Jazz on the Beach” at Johnno’s weathered cafe on Sandy Ground Beach. A short walk from Paradise Cove is a golden-sand beach and Smokey’s, where the atmosphere is casual and the burgers thick.

As for a spot of shopping, three artsy gallery-shops are within a 15-minute walk of Paradise Cove. At Cheddie’s, you’ll find his imaginative use of driftwood; at Devonish Art Gallery you’ll find paintings, jewellery, and fresh tomatoes! At the nearby Galleria there’s an impressive collection of antiques and art. All three are within one block on one of the island’s quiet roads.

Don’t expect a lot of nightlife on Anguilla — just moonlight, wonderful seafood and romance.

Paradise Cove: www.paradise.ai.
Anguilla Tourist Board: www.ivisitanguilla.com.

Barbara Bagnell is a freelance travel writer
based in Toronto, Canada.

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